What Happens During Sessions?

Craniosacral sessions take place in a quiet and peaceful environment, with the patient fully clothed and lying down in a comfortable position (usually on the back) on a treatment couch. Treatment involves very gentle contact from the practitioner's hands as they 'listen' to the patient's body, assessing for areas of balance and imbalance that need to be addressed. Contact may be made on the cranium, sacrum (tail-bone), the feet or any other part of the body as appropriate.

Cranial work is renowned for the experience of profound relaxation on every level experienced by many patients. As tensions release, imbalance resolves and the self-healing mechanism of the body is stimulated and enhanced, patients frequently report feeling deep peace, ease and a floating lightness of body and mind as everything quietens and becomes still. Some patients are directly aware of the influence of the practitioner's hands and engagement with their system, experiencing sensations of tingling, gentle movement through their limbs, torso and cranium as patterns of dysfunction and imbalance gently correct, bringing a sense of profound well-being.