Craniosacral Treatment

When the practitioner rests their hands lightly on the body and tunes in at a subtle level, it is the rhythmic breathing motions of the body are evaluated, as well as the areas where this 'breath' is suppressed, tightened, or distinctly 'held'. This includes but is not restricted to purely physical injuries or restrictions. These can cause obvious or more subtle effects on the bones, muscles and soft tissues, nerves, and emotional state and can affect the flow of energy, blood and the cerebrospinal fluid which surrounds and bathes the brain and the spinal cord. Just as scar tissue from historical traumas may be present for many years following injury, so everything that happens to us, every injury, illness, tension and trauma, influences our underlying vitality and its rhythmic motion, creating disturbances to its natural, fluid expression. These manifest as twists, turns, restrictions, constrictions, torsions and resistances in the subtle breath and in the tissues that can be read, almost like a book of the body's history.

During a session, as the practitioner engages with patterns of imbalance, the distortions affecting the system can present themselves as whole body patterns, pointing to and allowing the resolution of the issue at a causative level. Chronic headaches may appear to be contributed to by stress or tension in the neck and shoulders, however the underlying cause may be is a compensatory patterns relating to an old knee injury that has caused a torsion pattern through the pelvis and consequent imbalance or stress on the spine, neck and connective tissue and muscles of the torso. These in turn may lead to tension through the cranial base and structures of the neck. It is insufficient to simply address the muscles of the neck, to restore health fully and resolve the issue, the original cause, the injury of the knee and its consequent compensations, must also be addressed.

Subtle changes have profound ramifications on the less subtle level, influencing the structure and function of organs, connective tissue, muscle and bones. These influences are often experienced during the session, for example as musculo-skeletal tensions gently releasing and realigning, or a singular sensation of deep, meditative stillness and expansion in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

In practice I work with people of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly and frail, in all types of situations, physical, emotional and with more subtle aspects of well-being. It is always a privilege to meet each person where they are in their life and be able to offer Craniosacral support, whether for short-term acute conditions or states or more chronic conditions.

How many sessions?

This will be different from person to person and depend on whether the issue they want addressing is chronic (of long duration) or is acute (of short duration). Generally speaking a series of three to six sessions is recommended for chronic issues and perhaps only one or two sessions for something acute in nature. Most people notice improvements from the first session and may only need a few sessions to experience a change in their symptoms and state.