Asyra Allergy Testing

The Asyra Health Screening system offers a non-invasive and effective system of allergy detection and elimination.

Allergy, food intolerance and sensitivity issues are increasingly common. In most cases, allergic response to certain allergens has an underlying cause, reflecting weakness, imbalance, stress or nutritional deficiency elsewhere in the body. Effective therapy does not suppress the symptoms of allergy, but works to ease presenting symptoms as one stage of treatment, whilst assessing the underlying root of the issue and working to address this and strengthen the body, to minimise allergic tendencies.

The Asyra Allergy Desensitisation Protocol evaluates key allergens and substances causing allergic reaction or intolerance. These include a variety of food substances, such as the common triggers of wheat and grains, dairy, soy, nuts, sugar, meats etc, to other allergens such as grass, flower and tree pollens, animal hair, dust and moulds. A desensitisation remedy is then made of all identified allergens.

The patient is additionally evaluated for any underlying patterns of ill health and weakness that may be contributing to intolerance or reactivity. This includes any nutritional deficiencies that may be present, toxicity or digestive issues. A second remedy that addresses any causative issues is given alongside the Desensitisation remedy to support the Programme.

Principles of Allergy Elimination

1 Identify key allergens and desensitisation strategies
2 Create an individualized remedy for desensitisation
3 Second support remedy to address underlying
causative issues that may be aggravating or
causing allergic tendencies and to assist action of desensitisation remedy.
4 Build health with customized healing template
through nutrition, diet and lifestyle modification.